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Minor and Major Servicing

CBB offers a complete range of car servicing options, designed to suit your needs and your vehicle.

Realising the understated importance of Regular Servicing, the misconception and commonly asked questions about New Car Logbook Servicing and your Statutory Warranty and the differences between Minor and Major Servicing has lead us to give you the information about each below. 

The Importance of Regular Servicing.

Vehicle servicing is carried out at regular intervals to ensure that your car operates reliably, efficiently and safely. Regular maintenance will maximise the life of your vehicle and keep your motoring costs down.

Skipping services leads to undue stress on vehicle components which can lead to expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. Mechanical failures on the road can have devastating consequences, especially if a critical part of the braking, steering or suspension is involved.

Regular servicing identifies potentially dangerous wear on the vital components in your car, helping to prevent failures, protecting you and other road users.

New Car Logbook Servicing and your Statutory Warranty.

When you bought your new car, what your dealer probably didn't mention is that you don't need to have your new car serviced by your dealer (with their high mark ups) to maintain your statutory warranty. Here are the facts about your new car's statutory warranty:

  • CBB servicing your new car will NOT void your statutory warranty.
  • CBB strictly follows all the procedures recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.
  • CBB services use high quality service parts.
  • It's your car and you DO have a choice.
  • CBB will give your vehicle handbook the mandatory Warranty Service Stamp.

Once your service is complete, our qualified mechanics will stamp your vehicles handbook as a record of regular maintenance. Maintaining your warranty and further down the line achieving a higher resale value for your car.

Minor and Major Servicing.

After checking your service records on our computer we will discuss your service needs and let you know in advance of the expected cost of servicing. Whilst performing our inspection of your vehicle during the commencement of your service, If any additional work is required you'll be notified and no extra work will be commenced without your approval.